Bali Life Foundation

Items Donations

We are often asked if there is anything we need that people can either purchase and bring with them when they visit Bali on holiday, or can buy while they are here to help support what we do. Below is a list of these items, thank you!


  • Antiseptic bath soap (bar and liquid), household-cleaning products, antiseptic can be purchased locally.
  • Brooms & Mops



  • Plain flour. tempe, tofu, beef, butter. Fruit Juice, biscuits, cake mix, Kraft Cheese Slices, Noodles, Frozen Food (Nuggets. Sausages)
  • Rice



Vitamins tablet for kids and adults (Ultravit. Fitkom. Becom C). Vitamin syrup for kids (Huvaflt. Hufalysin). Sangobion tablet and syrup. Vitamin E Eviron), Vitamin A Calcium.



Aluminum Clothing Line (towel line)



Medical Mask Antiseptic pain relief cream, Stop Itch Cream, Cold and Flu medicine, Vitamins for children. Vitamin D. Dettol cream (smallest size). fabric bandaids, bandages. eye drops, Burnaid cream, Kwells, cream for acne. Vaseline. Combantrin Tablet (30 Packs) Combatrin Syrup (15 Bottles), Rivanol, Paracetamol (Adults&Kids). OBH Combi cough syrup for adult and kid (expectorant and non productive cough), Inhaler for asthma, Thrombopop. Thermometer 5pcs. Betadine Liquid and Gel.



  • Rashvest : Girls and Boys
  • BoardShort : Girls and Boys
  • Longpants/Denim : Girls and Boys



Body Lotion, SunScreen. Sanitary Pads. Hand Sanitizer (pump & travel type). Shampoo (Lifebuoy Brand). Dettol Soap, Hair lice treatment. Deodorant & Hair Gel for our teenage kids. For health reasons all items must be new. (can be purchased locally in Carrefour or Hypermart)


  • Black Ink Pens =10 dozen
  • Drawing Pen size 0.2 = 5 dozen
  • Drawing Pen size 0.5 = 5 dozen
  • Note Book 50 Pages =150 dozen. 42 pages =150 dozen
  • Tipp-Ex (Ink Correction Fluid) = 5 dozen
  • A4 Size Board (Transparent) = 32 pcs
  • Fabre-Castell Standard Test Package = 64 package

(Paket Ujian Standar)

  • A4 Print Paper – Bola Dunia
  • Painting Needs
  • Multiple Colors Acrylic. Water and Face Paint
  • Pallet Knife & Multiple Size Painting Brush
  • Canvas Painting Size 20×30 ©16pcs. Size 30×40 016 pcs

All can be purchased in Bali ArtMedia Shop .31. Uluwatu 2 no IX (near Amsterdam Bakery) or in Gramedia Store


– Socks – White and Black Color (Half Calf Size)

  • Girls sandals size 39©15pairs, 3808pairs, 370pairs, 3602pairs, 35©6pairs
  • Boys sandals size 42010pairs, 4106pairs. 3904pairs, 370pairs, 36010pairs

All can be locally purchased in Carrefour or Hypermart.

Music Equipment

  • 6 pcs – Electric Guitar Strings (0.10)
  • 10 pcs – Acoustic Guitar Strings (0.11)
  • 5 pcs-Acoustic Nylon Strings
  • 4 pcs – Bass Guitar Strings (0.45)
  • 6 pcs – Guitar String Lubricant
  • Mic Stands: 2 pcs
  • Music Stands: 2 pcs
  • Guitar Stands: 2pcs
  • Guitar Clip-On Tuner: 3pcs


– 6 unit Panasonic Wall Fan 12″ (please click link for details)

– 5 Dozen Plastic Cup

– 0 Plastic Container – Medium Size

– 4 Large Rubbish Bin

– 30 pcs Light Bulbs (7 watts) LED – 30 pcs Light Bulbs (10 watts) LED -10 Mosquito Spray (Baygon)

– 3x Metal Shelving Unit for Tools etc (0 $90)

– 6x Emergency Lamp LED (0 $30) – 4x Fire Extinguisher (0 $120)

– 4x Drills Power Tools (0 $30)

– 4x Bug Zappers/ Fly Killers (0 $40) – 5x Study Desk (0$50)

(All can be bought in Ace Hardware/Carrefour)

Camera – Second hand DSLR Camera for documentation)


– 5 unit New Lap Tops or Second hand lap tops no more than 4 years old for our kids to use for study. If the laptops are too old we cannot update them and the kids cannot access files. They need to be working. as the cost to repair broken laptops is very expensive.

– New or Second Hand Ipad/Ipod/Android Tab for teaching purposes

– Towel Hanger for Each Kids Room x 8 @ $10.00 per unit
– A4 Photo Frame x 16
Street Kids Centre –
– Indonesia Reading Book

– Second hand surfboard fins (Most boards have FCS). leg ropes. wax or new surfboard fins ($15 per set) and leg ropes ($40 per pack)
– Second hand skateboard shoes for teenager – Longboards/SoftTops
– Bodyboards
– Skateboard protection guard for children

Children’s Home
– 2 Units Printer /Scanner/PhotoCopier : Epson L220 – 1 Unit Screen Projector : $100
– 1 Unit LCD Projector : $500

Music Lesson : $100.00/month