Bali Life Foundation

Educate 10,000 + underprivileged children in 10 Years Time.

BaliLife Foundation invites visionary donors to join us in an exhilarating journey of change. Together, with the unwavering support of compassionate sponsors, dynamic communities, and forward-thinking local governments, we want to eradicate poverty through education in remote areas in Bali and Beyond.

At BaliLife Foundation, we want to build & renovate schools, we want to create havens of inspiration and learning. By contributing to our cause, you become a catalyst for transformation, empowering young minds to break free from the chains of poverty through the gift of education. Join us in rewriting the story of countless lives, where Hope, Diginity, and Purpose flourish. Together, let’s start the path to a poverty-free future.

Interesting in Child Support?

Eradicating Poverty through Education