Bali Life Foundation

Child Support

Sponsor a child’s and be a part of their journey to a brighter tomorrow.

We are looking for individuals, churches, groups, or anyone who would be willing to commit to supporting one or more of our children through these scheme.

In doing so you will be, directly impacting the life and future of a child, increasing a child’s future employ-ability and economic well-being, providing an avenue whereby each child is released to pursue their dreams irrespective of economic disadvantage, and directly impacting the villages and communities from which each child comes as these communities reap the benefits of your investment.

Scholarship Support

USD 50 per month/per child​

Every children have the right to an education. The purpose of this scheme is to raise the funds to allow the children in the Bali Life family to receive the education they need to give them real hope for the future. This figure includes school fees, uniforms, study books, & educational resources.

Living Support

USD 50 per month/per child

The living scheme will enabled us to  provide healthy meals, healthcare, body care, toiletries, allowance and pay for all other basic needs.


What you can expect in return?

Once you have committed to the scheme we will send you a welcome pack, introducing you to the child and giving you a brief summary of their background.

Once a year we will send you a copy of their report card, along with a letter from the child saying how they are getting on and thanking you for your support.

Should you wish to send packages then please no more then two presents (preferably Christmas and Birthday) per year.

Interesting in Child Support?

Sponsor a child’s and be a part of their journey to a brighter tomorrow.