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Challenges Faced by Orphaned Children in Bali

Our NGO has embarked on a mission to address these challenges head-on, recognizing the urgency and significance of providing a brighter future for these vulnerable young lives. Bali, with its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, is not immune to the harsh realities that orphaned children endure. The challenges they face are multifaceted, from emotional trauma […]

Bali’s Trash Makeover: When Can We Be the Cool Kids Leading the Way?

Hey Bali Fams! Okay, let’s get real about our trash situation. The question buzzing in the air – when are we gonna turn this mess into a model for the rest of Indonesia? Well, buckle up, ’cause change is on the horizon, and we’re the cool kids about to set the trend. First things first […]

Bali’s Trash Tale Post-COVID: The Dirty Reality We Can’t Ignore

Hey Bali Fam! Let’s talk trash. We all know Bali’s got its slice of paradise, but behind the surf and smiles, our little island is facing a big, stinky issue – the waste problem, and COVID-19 didn’t make it any better. Before COVID, we were already riding a wave of waste. With tourists flocking in, […]

Why Bali Needs to Embrace Waste-to-Energy: Turning Trash into Power!

Hey Bali Fam! So, you’ve probably wondered, “Why are we still dealing with all this trash when we could be turning it into energy?” Great question! Let’s talk about why waste-to-energy could be Bali’s ticket to a cleaner, greener future. Bali’s got a trash problem, and it’s not slowing down. Landfills are filling up faster […]

Bali’s Trash Trouble: How We Can Pitch In to Keep the Fires Out

Hey Bali fam! So, we’ve all seen the smoke and felt the heat from that crazy TPA Suwung fire, right? It’s time we come together as a community and help out because this waste problem is getting out of hand. Here’s how we can be the heroes Bali needs: Let’s get serious about sorting our […]

Bali Crisis: 30-Day TPA Suwung Blaze Sparks Environmental Concerns and Unity

Introduction: Bali, known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, is currently facing a crisis that threatens both its environment and the health of its residents. TPA Suwung, a 32-hectare rubbish tip located in the heart of Bali, has been engulfed in flames for an unprecedented 30 days, raising serious concerns about the environmental impact […]

Challenges for volunteering in Bali Indonesia as a foreigners : Limited Resources

Many volunteer organizations in Bali may have limited resources, including funding, equipment, and supplies. Volunteers may need to be creative and resourceful in order to work with the resources available to them and to maximize the impact of their work. I have worked with various volunteer organizations in Bali, and one of the biggest challenges […]

Challenges for volunteering in Bali Indonesia as a foreigners : Language Barrier

Another challenge that volunteers may face in Bali is the language barrier.Hello and welcome to my blog. I would like to discuss one of the most significant challenges that volunteers may face in Bali – the language barrier. Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia and is a popular destination for tourists and volunteers. However, […]

Challenges for volunteering in Bali Indonesia as a foreigners : Cultural Differences

I have had the privilege of working with volunteers from different parts of the world. One of the biggest challenges that foreign volunteers face when working in Bali is the cultural differences. Bali has a rich and unique culture that is very different from Western cultures. This can sometimes be overwhelming for foreigners, but it […]