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Bali’s Trash Tale Post-COVID: The Dirty Reality We Can’t Ignore

Hey Bali Fam!

Let’s talk trash. We all know Bali’s got its slice of paradise, but behind the surf and smiles, our little island is facing a big, stinky issue – the waste problem, and COVID-19 didn’t make it any better.

  • The Balinese Wave of Trash:

Before COVID, we were already riding a wave of waste. With tourists flocking in, the party generated more than just good vibes – tons of trash too. But when COVID hit, the tourists disappeared, and guess what stuck around? Yep, the trash, and it got even trickier to manage.

  • Dumping Ground Dilemma:

Without the usual crowd, some places turned into dumping grounds. Illegal dumping became a new “normal,” and our beautiful spots were left drowning in plastic, food waste, and who knows what else. It’s like the island suddenly became everyone’s personal trash bin.

  • Bin Collection Blues:

COVID messed with the regular trash collection routine. Some areas saw delays, while others struggled to keep up. Bins overflowed, stray dogs got creative with the mess, and it all turned into a not-so-pretty situation.

  • Recycling on Pause:

Remember that eco-friendly buzz we had going on? Well, COVID hit the pause button on recycling efforts. Sorting facilities faced challenges, and some recycling programs took a nosedive. The green mission slowed down just when we needed it most.

  • Plastic Predicament:

Single-use plastic went on a rampage. With safety concerns, businesses opted for disposable everything – from masks to food packaging. It’s like we took two steps back in our fight against plastic pollution. Our beautiful beaches turned into plastic playgrounds.

  • Balinese Trash Heroes:

But here’s the silver lining – the local trash heroes. Despite the mess, some Balinese warriors stepped up. Community clean-ups, waste separation efforts, and creative recycling initiatives sprouted like flowers through concrete. The community spirit showed we’re not letting the trash win.

  • The Call to Action:

Bali, we can’t turn a blind eye to this trashy reality. COVID gave us a bumpy ride, but it’s time to get back on track. Support local initiatives, pick up after ourselves, and let’s restart the recycling rhythm. Small actions add up to big changes, and Bali deserves to shine without being buried under a mountain of trash.


Post-COVID, Bali’s trash trouble got real. But guess what? We’re Bali, and we don’t back down. It’s time to clean up, recycle right, and show the world we’re not just a paradise – we’re a responsible one too. Let’s turn this trash tale into a success story. Who’s in?