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BaliLife changed our lives .....

I have felt God calling me to Bali for a long time, and I certainly think He has a great plan for this Island. I pray and hope for great things to happen here. Through my stay in Bali I have worked with the kids at the Street Centre in Denpasar, and I have also had the pleasure of meeting the children at the Children's Home in Ungasan.

The families, children and all the people that I have met through Bali life has been such a blessing to me and my life. Through the children and their love I have also felt this divine presence. It is inspiring how people who have so little still can be happy and attentive towards people they meet. That is a value we all have to learn from.

I would also encourage everyone who has the ability, to support Bali life. Their work here in Bali is so meaningfull and important, and they need support in order to grow and reach out to more people. It is possible to contribute in many different ways, and it is easy to get in touch with the organization. Help supporting a valuable organization who is focusing on giving people and children in Bali hope, purpose and dignity.
⁃ Ingvild Tveit

When I first came to Bali I came with the exceptions of doing something for someone else, helping out and maybe making a small change, but little did I know how much it would change me. Just from working in the street center and meeting all the kids. How they don’t have much, have to work on the streets to provide for their families, but are still so happy and showing me, and people around, so much love.

They have really showed me that its not the things you have that makes you happy, but just being a part of a family, being around people that love you. I think the Bali Life is that kind of a family. They give the kids hope, dignity and purpose and show them never-ending love. They give them a future and they don’t only change the kids’ lives for the better, but they also change the people that work there, me.

And if you want to be a part of this family, love and be loved, I encourage you to take a step and be a part. You will never regret it, I know I haven’t.
⁃ Mona Husebye

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Best Foundation in Bali – 2015
Dinas Sosial Provinsi Bali


Certificate of Prestigious Foundation 2015
Social Ministry of Indonesia