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We are a small charity with a big heart. We strive to provide love and care to those in Bali who are disillusioned and underprivileged, with the aim of giving them hope, dignity and purpose.

Watch this video for an introduction as to who we are and what we do.

Bali is an island of Indonesia known as a tropical paradise and sees a high number of tourists each year. Beneath this tourist attraction, Bali is also an island in real need. There are many people living in poverty.

This poverty, leads to child exploitation. One way that this happens is through children being sent to work on the street to earn money leaving them unable to receive an education. In Bali there are a few different types of street kids. There are those who are brought from their poor villages to beg for money on the street, to help their families get money to live. Furthermore, there are children who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Our vision of the Bali Life Street Kids Centre & Women’s Workshop is to provide a safe place in the heart of Denpasar nearby the Slum Area, that the children and their families know and can come for support. This is a Centre that works to restore HOPE, DIGNITY and PURPOSE to the children begging on the street. We aim to do this through education, play, medical support and assistance.

The centre has been running since July 2014 and has been serving street children through education and their mums with training and work opportunities. We need your help to keep running the program. To discover ways that you can support the Centre please visit www.balilife.org/street-centre/

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Best Foundation in Bali – 2015
Dinas Sosial Provinsi Bali


Certificate of Prestigious Foundation 2015
Social Ministry of Indonesia