Bali Life Street Shelter Fundraiser



The Fundraiser

We are encouraging you to partner with us and run a fundraiser on or around April, which is the World Street Kids Day (12 April). The Event can be run on April. Be part of making a difference for the street children of Bali by helping us to raise $20,000 to continue the running costs of the Bali Life Street Centre. You can run a morning tea, a cake stall, a movie night or anything you can think of to help raise funds to keep this program running.  Please submit your fundraising results to by May 30th at the latest.

More details are below.

The shelter has been running since July 2014 and has been serving street children through education and their mums through work opportunities. We need your support to keep running the program.

The Bali Life Street Centre

The Center is in Denpasar and looks to serve the street children and their families who would usually be begging on the streets. The center has two main programs; the Street Kids Informal School and the Bali Life Women’s Workshops/Centre for the mums.

The informal school has two classrooms, a library and a play area for children at different levels to come and learn. We also have a large play area and garden for the kids to be kids. The kids come Monday to Friday from 9am and we provide breakfast, lunch, learning opportunities and play, they then return home before 5pm. It is a great program and we have vision to grow it even further. Our future vision is to have a third class for children who want to achieve a formal schooling certificate as well as vocational training for older children to get them out of the streets and gangs and into productive, meaningful work.

As we have more kids and more mums in the Centre, this year we want to lease the building next door to the currents Street Centre, so we have more space for mums doing their workshop and more classrooms for the children. This is mean additional leasing cost that we need to cover to be able to facilitate the children and the mums

Bali Street Kids – problem

Every week our staffs and volunteer team heads to the streets of Kuta to meet with 60-80 children and their mothers to bring food and fun. These children leave their homes in the poor villages of Bali to move to slum areas in Denpasar to beg for money, selling bracelets, in order to live. We at Bali Life believe children should not be working under these conditions to support their families. For more information please visit our Street Kids Project page.

Your fundraiser


We are encouraging people to run this in their homes, schools, uni’s, work places, community centres (church’s, sporting groups, social clubs), in a cafe or restaurant.

What to do?

Host a morning tea or something similar with the intention to raise money for our street program. This could be through charging an entry fee, door prizes or auction, casual clothes day or even a costume party. Make it a fun event for the people you choose to host.


  • Make it clear how people can donate (online through pay pal, donation box, cash, bank transfer to our Bali Life accounts). For banking details please click here. When making a transfer please title it ‘street shelter’ and email us the transfer details.
  • Use social media to let people know of your event.
  • Speak with businesses in your local community for auction items and door prizes.
  • Have a shared morning tea where everyone brings an item to share and you raise money through the event. You can use the posters provided below to promote the event.
  • Send out invites early.
  • Print and give out our invites or email them as a calendar event.


On the right hand side you will see some resources that you can print and use for your fundraiser. The video can also be downloaded through Vimeo and shown at your event or for promotion. Also check our media page for more videos for you to show.

To register your event please email your details to: so we know and can advertise what is happening to help this cause.

Resources to help run your fundraiser

Please feel free to download these posters to help promote your event. (Click on the poster image)

Here’s a video that gives an overview to the Street Shelter which can you also use to promote your event.