To give an idea of how far your money goes here, US$100 would house, feed, educate and provide basic health care for one of our children for one month. If you would like to make a donation to the Children’s Home, or to one of our other projects, we can guarantee that the full amount will be used for its intended purpose.

Child Support

Donations don’t always need to be in the form of money. You can also help our foundation just by bringing a few extra items next time you are visiting Bali. We are always in need of all kinds of supplies across our projects. Some examples of our Wish List includes pantries items, basic medical supplies, clothing, school supplies.


Our work wouldn’t be possible without our hard worker fundraisers who are always find new ways to raise support and connect donors with the need, as well as all of those who volunteer their time making our projects a success.


As a  volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work in a different culture along side our local staff. Volunteering gives a unique insight into the life and culture of Bali and many feel  they become a member of Bali Life family and local community, maintaining a lifelong friendship.