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Our work wouldn’t be possible without our hard worker fundraisers who are always find new ways to raise support and connect donors with the need, as well as all of those who volunteer their time making our projects a success.

You can help us in very many ways just like Fundraising.

If you have fundraising ideas or need advice, support and assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are encouraging people to run this in their homes, schools, uni’s, work places, community centres (church’s, sporting groups, social clubs), in a cafe or restaurant.

What to do?

Host a morning tea or something similar with the intention to raise money for our street program. This could be through charging an entry fee, door prizes or auction, casual clothes day or even a costume party. Make it a fun event for the people you choose to host.


  • Make it clear how people can donate (online through pay pal, donation box, cash, bank transfer to our Bali Life accounts). For banking details please click here.
  • When making a transfer please title it ‘street shelter’ and email us the transfer details.
    Use social media to let people know of your event.
  • Speak with businesses in your local community for auction items and door prizes.
  • Have a shared morning tea where everyone brings an item to share and you raise money through the event.
  • Send out invites early.
  • Print and give out our invites or email them as a calendar event.


To register your event please email your details to: so we know and can advertise what is happening to help this cause.

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