Sustainability Project

We farm as much of the land we available to us as possible as food for the orphanage. The farming we do is split into four areas, Fruit and Vegetables, Chicken Farm, Pig Farm and Aquaponics, each detailed below.

The purpose of farming in these four areas is to help improve the sustainability of Bali Life and to provide the children in our care with valuable training and experience.

The new farm project is located on a 3380sqm parcel of land adjoining the new Bali Life property and offers the possibility of substantially greater scale and opportunity for children to participate and learn in a viable and realistic farming project. Having benefited from both the input of Bali Life staff who have had formal training in agriculture, and the input of expatriates and others who consult in farming and agriculture we experienced excellent results from our initial smaller enterprise and we are confident that with the expanded facilities and greater land area we are well positioned to provide an excellent learning environment for our children on a much larger scale.

Pig Farm

We currently have 45 pigs. This is more than enough for the children’s home and we sell the surplus to the local community. The older pigs are used for food and replaced by another pig, which can be raised up keep the cycle going.


Chicken Farm

Our chickens are currently laying over 100 eggs per day. This is more than enough for the children’s home and we sell the surplus to the local community. The older chickens are used for food and replaced by chicks, which can be raised up to lay eggs and keep the cycle going.


Fruit and Vegetable Farm

The area in which the home is located is very dry and arid, and it is difficult to grow any sort of crop. But we have managed to grow a whole range including chili’s, eggplant, spinach, papaya and etc That we have achieved this has set a great example to the local community and in the future we would like to offer training, where we can share the techniques and knowledge we have gained.


The Aquaponics

This is the cultivation of fish and vegetables in an enclosed, circulating system. Fish are farmed in tanks, their waste naturally accumulating in the water. This effluent-rich water becomes high in plant nutrients but also becomes toxic to the fish. Plants are grown in a way that allows them to use this nutrient-rich water. The plants take up the nutrients, reducing the water’s toxicity. The water can then be returned to the fish tank and the cycle can continue. The only water added to the system is to replace loss from absorption by the plants or evaporation into the air.

We are running a small-scale trial of the system on our old site. If successful we will transfer the system to the new site and expand it further. More information on this trial can be found here.