Children’s Home

The Children’s Home is at the heart of why we exist. We take in children who have been orphaned, abandoned or rejected. Providing them with physical, spiritual and emotional guidance, as well as education. Empowering them to become independent, responsible and successful citizens who can influence change in their own community.

Street Kids & Women Workshop

The greatest ways we can help to stop children from begging on the streets is through empowering the children and their parents through education and work opportunities. This is where our Bali Life Street Kids Center comes in.

BaliLife DayCare

Welcome to BaliLife Daycare and Preschool – We are Daycare with a Difference

We are the Bukit Peninsula’s newest Daycare centre. We offer Long Daycare for 0-4 years, for 9+ hours. We are committed to our local area her people. By entrusting us with the care of your child, you’re not only setting your child up for a great Future… but you’re investing into the future of local children.

Bukit Community Centre

We have set up educational workshops to supplement the state education the children already receive. These are in areas that are more vocational in the hope that it will help the children to become valuable and successful members of society.