Community & Daycare Centre

The Fundraiser

We are encouraging you to partner with us and run a fundraiser for our Community & Daycare Centre. You can run a morning tea, a cake stall, a movie night or anything you can think of to help raise funds to keep this program running. We already start building in September 2016 and hoping to finish the project on February 2018. Please submit your fundraising results to More details are below.

Community & Daycare Centre

Whilst we are greatly encouraged by the outcomes of our workshops and have been privileged to see such dramatic positive change in the children we care for, we believe that the work of BaliLife is, in many respects, in its infancy. In the longer-term we are committed to increasing the scale of our foundation to ensure that we are in a position to look after more of Bali’s disadvantaged children, and to increase our capacity to add value to our surrounding community. To this end we have well-formulated plans (outlined below) to facilitate this. We would greatly appreciate any efforts by potential sponsors to partner in this vision in any way possible.

In 2008 we were given the money to purchase 3,000m2 of land and from period 2010-2013 we have build a home for up to 64 children wheres currently 40 children in our care. To increase our capacity for self sustainability, to improve our ability to deliver relevant and meaningful training, and to reach out further into the local community, this year we aim to be able to build Community & Daycare Centre

Phase 4; Community & Daycare Centre

This will enable us to open up the training workshops to our children and the local community, offer additional training with micro-finance schemes, host community events, chapel, and training facilities. We also plan to open a daycare & playgroup which will be able to support the community and also support the foundation and the building it self to be self sustained.

Estimated cost – USD$220,000, – This Phase is almost half funded


Access road, car parks, landscaping, & Security Post, services and permits.

Estimated cost – USD$50,000 – This phase is still not funded.

We hope to raise this money through applications for grants from charitable trusts and donations from businesses and individuals.

We would also like to try and reduce our costs by asking companies to donate items and materials that are difficult to obtain at an acceptable quality in Bali. These items could include:

  • Paint
  • Door
  • Furniture
  • Sanitary fixtures
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Electrical fittings
  • Roofing
  • Etc

Your Fundraiser


We are encouraging people to run this in their homes, schools, uni’s, work places, community centres (church’s, sporting groups, social clubs), in a cafe or restaurant.


Host a morning tea or something similar with the intention to raise money for our street program. This could be through charging an entry fee, door prizes or auction, casual clothes day or even a costume party. Make it a fun event for the people you choose to host.


  • Make it clear how people can donate (online through pay pal, donation box, cash, bank transfer to our Bali Life accounts). For banking details please click here. When making a transfer please title it ‘Building Project’ and email us the transfer details.
  • Use social media to let people know of your event.
  • Speak with businesses in your local community for auction items and door prizes.
  • Have a shared morning tea where everyone brings an item to share and you raise money through the event. You can use the posters provided below to promote the event.
  • Send out invites early.
  • Print and give out our invites or email them as a calendar event.


Please feel free to download this poster to advertise your event. If yo want to print the poster on your own printer download the ‘without bleed’ version. If you would like to get it professionally printed please download the ‘with bleed’ version.