Children’s Home

The Children’s Home is at the heart of why we exist. We take in children who have been orphaned, abandoned or rejected, with the aim of giving them hope, dignity and purpose.

We provide physical, spiritual and emotional guidance, as well as education. Empowering them to become independent, responsible and successful citizens who can influence change in their own community, in Bali, in the nation of Indonesia and throughout the world.


We take in children who have been orphaned, abandoned or rejected, in our care who come from all across Bali and Indonesia, from a variety of backgrounds, but each in need of a new start. We have built up slowly, taking in just one child at a time, allowing them to settle and allowing us to find sponsorship, before taking in the next.

We work off a budget of USD$100 per child per month. This covers the shelter, food, education and healthcare for each of the children


We have a farm near the Children’s home, which helps to reduce the amount of food we need to purchase, and a local resort also donates basic food needs such as rice and cooking oil every month.


The children all attend local schools; this is supplemented by our educational workshop programme.


Healthcare in Bali is privatized, and can be expensive. The USD$100 per child per month will cover their basic needs, but should a child become very ill we will look to our sponsors for support.